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Retro Used Nokia 8210 Phone For Sale UK

The Nokia 8210 was one of the smallest mobile phones when it first came out in 1999. They were all the rage in the UK during the 1990’s. It’s very compact phone, stylish, and very slim. The battery life is also pretty decent considering it’s an older phone, made at a time when some mobile phone battery’s barely lasted the day!.

The Nokia 8210 has all the features that someone who just wants a nice basic small phone that can send texts and make phone calls would ever need. It also has the time, alarm clock, calculator, text delivery reports, and an Infra Red Port. You can buy one used and SIM Free from either eBay or Amazon UK.

It doesn’t look all that retro when you first look at it, but once you see the green screen you’ll know that the 8210 is old skool. The Nokia 8210 Mobile Phone is quite deceiving though because all you need to replace in order to get an old Nokia 8210 looking new again is a brand new phone cover. There are thousands of different types available, from plain colo…
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Buy a Cheap Nokia 3310 Brick Phone

If you’ve been coming here often, or just happened to scan the theme of this website, you would have noticed that I love old school phones. And what better phone would there be to buy right now other than the Nokia Brick! Also known as the Nokia 3310. Renowned the world over for its toughness, and with a respectable set of features for its age, this phone is one of the P4P greatest “Bricks” ever to ride the airwaves. Buy one today. They are readily available for sale used on eBay.

Even today, they are still very sought after by people who want an easy to operate mobile phone that offers supreme durability and battery life on a level that Smartphones can not compete with. The material and plastic chassis design make the 3310 a real beast. Try and break one and see how hard it is. You could drop it off a 10 storey building and the chassis will remain intact.

For its age it has one of the most durable enclosures known to man. That is of course an exaggeration, but I think you get the poi…

Older Nokia 3210 Mobile Phone For Sale

There are lots of up to date mobile phones to choose from when it comes to the cheap basic phones of today. There’s no shortage of excellent budget priced Samsung’s and Nokia’s for sale starting from as cheap as £10 brand new. But step back in time and do a little Google searching and you will find that some of the absolute classic older mobile phones, like the Nokia 3210 (Pictured), 3310, 8210, and 8310 are still very much alive and kicking.

They are retro and nostalgic, but still very usable, even in today’s world of Smartphones. Some people prefer to use the older handsets over the more expensive models. The GSM Nokia 3210 is one of the most popular phones in cellular history, selling well over 150 Million units worldwide. This phone was one of the corner stones of the Nokia phone empire at the time. Today the 3210 is looked at as ever-so basic, but back in the day it was revolutionary.

Very long battery duration, no visible aerial (big breakthrough at the time), changeable phone …

Cheap Unlocked Nokia 1100 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 1100 is one of the best mobile phones that Nokia have ever produced. This is evident by how many of this model phone Nokia have sold worldwide. Hundreds of millions of Nokia 1100 phones have been sold worldwide. Of course, the quantities sold per year have dropped dramatically since the Smartphone age has dawned upon us. Also, with the phone not being produced anymore, buying used or refurbished are the only two options if you want to buy one.

For the people who don’t care about owning a new cellphone, or being a part of the Smartphone epidemic, and actually prefer to have a simple, easy to use mobile phone, the Nokia 1100 is still very much alive and sought after. It’s a great, retro alternative to the many up-to-date budget phones of today. And, of course, a smart alternative to a Smartphone. Who needs one of them, right? You can buy a 1100 unlocked for a cheap price on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

It’s a mean, green screen machine! The Nokia 1100 is known for its cheap p…

Pantech C320 Curved Banana Mobile Phone

With so many cheap phones out there for sale, why bother with the Pantech C320? Well, this phone is for the people who want a cheaply priced handset that doesn’t look the same as the other million and one phones that the rest of the “I only need a cheap phone” crowd are using.

This phone has a bit more style than that. It’s literally curved! The shape is reminiscent of the old Nokia 8110 Banana that was made super famous because it was featured in the excellent, thought-provoking film, The Matrix.

Of course, this one has a completely different outer shell housing. However, this is one of its stand out features. Feels great in the hand and fits the mould of the head and face really well when putting it to your ear to make or take a call. Now, you would think with such a cheap phone that the features are terrible and the build quality is a joke. But you would be wrong.

For the price, this is actually a really good little phone, with some nice, up to date features. It even has a good qualit…

Qmart Q1 Credit Card Sized Mini Phone

If you’re looking for something small and super thin, that’s cheap to buy, and a little bit different to what most people are using the Qmart Q1 Credit Card Sized Mini Mobile Phone is a really good choice. There are a few various models of these credit card phone for sale, such as the AEKU M5, but the Qmart Q1 is the thinnest yet at just 4 millimetres, which is incredibly thin for a mobile phone.

Fair enough, it’s not as thin as an actual credit card, it’s about 4 – 5 times as thick, but that is still very impressive. The Q1 has a retro blue and light orange TFT screen display, and the screen is super tiny at around 1 inch! Most people you show this phone to will never have seen one before so they are great if you want something quite unique.

The Qmart Q1 is very small and discreet and has many of the basic features of a standard phone. Of course, you can call and text, but other than those standard features it also has a built-in radio, Bluetooth capability, memory card slot, and an …

Samsung GT E1080i Phone Problem Fixes

From reading through some of the bad reviews on the Samsung GT E1080i, I see that some of the same issues keep coming up time and time again. People are having problems with certain features of the phone. Before addressing some of those I should point out, that most of the reviews for this phone are excellent.

The phone is worthy of good reviews, as it is a very good phone for the price (I own one). However, there is some confusion among buyers with a few of the features. Hopefully, this post will help sort some of those common problems out.

Common problems that users are finding confusing.
Problem: Occasionally switches off overnight:  Fix: Turn off power saving mode as this can make the phone turn itself off automatically when not in use for a number of hours. Click OK to go to the main menu. Click Settings > Display > Power Saving Mode > Click Off and press save.

Problem: Can't turn off predictive text when trying to send a text: Fix: Turn off the T9 predictive text dicti…